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 Guitar Hero 5

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Guitar Hero 5

For extended hours of entertainment, downloadable content from Guitar Hero
World Tour will be compatible with the game and will automatically be
updated to include all of the upgrades and enhancements of Guitar Hero 5.

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* Assemble Your Band and Rock Any Way You Want ?Guitar Hero
5 allows fans to play alone, as a full band or, for the first time,
with any combination of multiple guitarists, bassists, drummers or
vocalists, to customize their musical experience. Players now have the
control to rock any way they want whether it is with two guitars and
two drummers, four guitarists, or three guitarists and a vocalist, any
combination is possible. This freedom is available in all modes of
play: online, Party Play, Quickplay, RockFest and even career.

* The Definitive Rock ?n? Roll Set List ? Experience furious finger
fretting, intense drumming, and lyrics that will challenge even the
best vocal chops with songs from some of the hottest bands of today to
all-time favorite classic anthems including; Tom Petty, Kings of Leon,
The White Stripes, Santana, Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan.
Featuring 85 master tracks, the breadth of rock-centric styles ensures
that every Guitar Hero fan will find their favorite tracks and discover new ones.

* Join The Party! ? It has never been easier to rip it up and rock out with friends than it is in Guitar Hero
5. The brand new Party Play Mode puts players straight into the action
with the press of a button and allows them to jump in or drop out, or
switch difficulty level at any time without interrupting the jam

* Become the Best. Shred the Rest! ? In Guitar Hero
5 players can test their skills against others with four-player local
and up to eight-player online battles in the all-new competitive
RockFest Mode. Within RockFest Mode, players can choose from various
head-to-head gameplay types, including Momentum, Perfectionist,
Elimination, Do-or-Die, Streakers, and Pro Face Off

* Limitless Jams ? Guitar Hero 5 delivers hours of endless entertainment, as fans will be able to play Guitar Hero World Tour downloadable content in the game, experiencing all of the upgrades and new features in Guitar Hero 5.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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Guitar Hero 5
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